Considering A Florida Bankruptcy? Suffered Traffic Accident Injuries?  Call Berkowitz Law Group

Personal service and compassion for clients are primary characteristics of private practice law firms. The Berkowitz Law Group is no different. The experienced legal professionals at Berkowitz Law Group are experts in Florida bankruptcy, foreclosure defense and creditor harassment cases as well as traffic accident injury issues and criminal defense matters.

We understand that good comprehensive representation is achieved by focusing on specific areas of law and developing an excellent track record of successful litigation for their clients. Small private practice law firms can provide the personal assurance that many large firms cannot, and all litigants deserve honest legal evaluation of any potential claim.

The real legal issue in all cases big and small is equitable results and protection of individual legal rights, and Jesse Berkowitz protects his clients aggressively. Although Florida does not certify attorneys as specialists, attorneys still understand the importance of concentrated representation in specific legal fields. At Berkowitz Law Group those areas are highlighted below.


Florida bankruptcyFiling for bankruptcy is a serious decision which always requires an evaluation by an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Florida bankruptcy attorneys understand the rules on how to protect personal property in Florida when preparing the filing, such as protecting a home through the proper chapter filing.

In addition, a feasible repayment plan is always necessary in a successful bankruptcy case for those who are attempting to maintain an acceptable credit rating after filing.

Having a solid Florida bankruptcy attorney can make the difference in future credit maintenance, which is essential in the current economy for purchasing any major asset. With the Berkowitz Law Group, you can count on the most effective chapter filing.



Traffic accident injury cases can be complicated. Many times the long-term prognosis for an injury victim may not be accurate and other potential medical issues can arise. Of course, quality of life becomes an issue after a traffic accident when injuries are serious, and all victims need quality representation that presents all future medical possibilities.

The Berkowitz Law Group focuses on comprehensive personal injury case settlements for all clients, and will be willing to take a case to trial if the punitive damage potential is not included in an equitable settlement. Having the Berkowitz Group as legal representation can ensure those settlements are pursued aggressively.



Foreclosure defense is often part and parcel to any bankruptcy filing. Protecting against foreclosure can be established at the time of the filing when conditions are good to keep your home. This is dependent on the bankruptcy chapter, but it is also a primary concern when deciding to file.

Protecting a personal dwelling is worked into the rules and regulations, as many creditors are willing to restructure any loan that will still be paid off in a legal agreement, including possible refinancing. Sometimes even a second home can be protected when the cash flow of the filer is sufficient to meet the payment schedule. Having the Berkowitz Group as a bankruptcy attorney can also mean protecting your home and other property effectively, including rental property.



No one likes being hounded by a creditor who will not take a reasonable answer on a financial matter. Jesse Berkowitz can stop creditor harassment and take the necessary steps to ensure the stoppage. This can also be part and parcel to a bankruptcy filing, but the filing also establishes documentation that the relationship exists and could reasonably be occurring.

Continual pressure from creditors will not be allowed when Berkowitz Law Group represents your bankruptcy, and they can also help when the calls become abusive.



Being accused of a crime is never fun, especially when the prosecution is done using flimsy or borderline evidence. The Berkowitz Group understands aggressive prosecutor tactics and works diligently to protect their clients. The social and economic damage created by a criminal charge is bad enough, but a criminal conviction on a weak evidence case is as damaging as a conviction on a real professional criminal.

Everyone should protect their reputation as well as avoid frivolous criminal claims; Kathryn Rogiers, our criminal law specialist understands that the client reputation is as important as the client criminal record.

If you have any of these legal issues and need some advise, request a free, no-obligation consultation today by clicking here.